Bitch, "Coco", b. 20.03 1987
Madcaps Coco Chanel - 2 years Madcaps Coco Chanel - 2 years
ow. Britt-Marie and Dan Friberg, "Moonmade", Sweden
Karlanns Lord Solie GB CH Lynway Sandknocker GB CH Mybern Mandane GB CH Mybern Minstrel
Mybern Morning Mist
Arranbrook Cleopatra at Lynway Sangreat Sorrocco of Arranbrook
Brettonpark Burnished Gold of Arranbrook
Senchals Flossie Girl Donford Brightest And Best GB CH Arranbrook Mr. Chips of Aberhill
Donford Coventry Carol
Lady Grainne of Dervotstown Charville Topaz
Ballyford Sweet Magic
Madcaps Limbo-Light Lynaire All in Black GB CH Karava Kornishman GB CH Geoffdon Lawmaker
Karava Kastille
GB CH Lynaire Chiquitita Jefsfire Jamie of Piphoney
Lynaire Misty Moonlight
Dragonens Silver Pretty Int.Ch, N CH Stelroy Blue is the Colour Knight Porter of Rokeby
Stelroy Misty Blue
Dunsinane Moon Madcap of Clickam Moon Snowfire of Dunsinane
Moonsparkle of Dunsinane

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