Bitch, b. 29.07 1986 - d. 1998

ow. L.Aizina and Nelli A. Sukhova, Moscow, Russia
(photo: Svetlana Fedotochkina)
Marble's Nacre Blue Int, N CH Crony's Midnight Tartan Int.CH, N CH, NV-78 Danvis Blue Peter Aust, GB CH Danvis Ladyvale Blue Mist
Danvis Lady Bess
Windiacre Midnight Bell GB CH Bririch Black Keino
Danvis Blue Surprise
Marble's Icy Blue Rixown Sir Lancelot GB CH Fourjoys Black 
Regal of Rixown
Rixown Maid of Durham
Marble's Fanny Clickam Silver Snowman
Marble's Black Chica
Barnehof's Ocelot Girl Bririch Blue Ocean Int.CH, It.CH Bririch Blue Mosaic Bririch Black Cavalier
Blue Madonna
GB CH, Int.CH Bririch Blue Chiffon Bririch Black Courier
GB CH Grennynens 
Blue Angel
Barnehof's Kick-Off Int.Ch, N CH Knight Watchman of Rokeby GB CH Royal Ace of Rokeby
GB CH Deburgh
Rosemary of Rokeby
Fiona Ross

Lucky Star Silver Iris and Isintyblue Silverlilac Isintyblue Silverlilac and Lucky Star Silver Iris Click large photo! Click large photo!

Copyright 2000, by Tatyana Pronina
Copyright 2004, by Svetlana Fedotochkina